Youth Team Allocations

Youth Pathways

At NSU, we offer two pathways in Youth football, a pathway for players who have a desire and passion to play competitive senior football which could potentially be to represent NSU at U'23's and First Team level. Or a pathway for players who wish to play more socially with the desire to play social senior football. We understand, players may look to switch between both pathways as they progress, as a club we will be flexible in our approach to meet the needs of our players. Ultimately, our main goal at NSU at Youth level, is develop better human beings first and footballers second. Therefore, regardless of the pathway you opt for, coaches will be adopting a more athlete - centered coaching approach going forwards, therefore, ensuring they coach the person first and the sport second. With the focus centered around the 5 C's

- Developing greater Competence - players better techincally/physically/tactically

- Developing greater Confidence - improved mental toughness, greater resilience, players comfortable at making mistakes 

- Developing greater Connection  - developing inter-personal skills through meaningful conversations 

- Developing Character -  team core values. team culture & integrity

- Developing Creavity - enabling players to express themselves

Through the player identification sessions, players will identified and placed into teams which maxmise their overall development across the 5 C's. If during the season, players are found to be incorrectly grouped, NSU will seek to address this where ever possible.

Competitive Pathway 

At youth level, there is an opportunity for players to play in more competitive team environment. These teams play games on a Sunday and will play in an Auckland wide league known as Championship or Conference.

For the 2023 Season we will look to enter the following teams:

  • 13th Conference
  • 14th Championsip & 14th Conference
  • 15th Championship
  • 17th Championship & 17th Conference

Whilst all effort to accommodate all players wishing to play at this level will be made, there is a limit to the number of teams the Club will support, and a limit to the number of players in each team.

In order to be considered for a competitive Sunday squad the player must understand the following:

  • Attendance at training 2 x per week (subject to cancellation) for 15th & 17th Grade and it is recommended that 13th & 14th Grade players attend the Youth Development Programme
  • Availability during the season to attend both training, Sunday games including weekends of the school holidays 
  • Selection of the players for the teams during the season will be based on their commitment, attitude and performance.
  • There are additional fees charged to support the cost of this additional coaching and tournament entry where applicable, in addition to the basic registration fee. A development fee will be invoiced for 15th & 17th Grade teams, once the development teams are confirmed. Payment will need to be made prior to the start of the season.

In providing the development option the Club is seeking to accommodate those players who are committed to attend training at least twice a week and want a higher level of competition. If during the season, players are found to be incorrectly grouped, the Club will seek to address this where ever possible.

Participation Teams

Just as important are those players that wish to enjoy their football but have other commitments and passions alongside. Participation football will put less emphasis on training and will allow for a fun environment to enjoy some inter-club competition most likely with their mates. Participation teams will be constructed based on assessed player ability, player preferences and could be school based where numbers permit.

If your child does wish to play in a participation team please ensure you state your childs friends on the registartion form. The club will do it’s best to accommodate everyone’s request but this cannot be guaranteed due to player number constraints.

For the 2023 Season we will look to enter the following teams:

  • 13th Grade Maroon 
  • 14th Grade Maroon
  • 15th Grade Yellow