Team Managers

Teams in Grades 6 - 8 need a team manager for this season. This is a fun role which is light on admin tasks - your main goal is to make sure all the players have fun on the day.

If you want to get involved please talk to your grade convenor.

The managers duties are:

- Please encourage parents to celebrate good play from both teams and don't keep score
- Teams play in small sided games, so you may have to run substitutions depending on squad sizes. Please ensure all players get equal game time.
- When you arrive check the notice board situated by the Clubroom, this will have details regarding what pitch you’ll be playing on and whether you’re home or away.
- If you're the away team you will need to wear bibs available at the pitch
- There are two games each morning. Away teams rotate in an anticlockwise direction for the second match. Please take the lead getting your team to the next match.
- You should pick up a Player of the Day certificate which will be hanging off the noticeboard or in a box situated in the clubroom or on the deck outside. Please select a player each week and write on the certificate :(i) player name, team and grade(ii) why the player is receiving it - please make it something relevant to the match, and even something fun for  the convenor to announce. Certificates should be returned to the clubhouse after the second match for prize-giving.
- If your team is short players, please discuss borrowing a player from the other team if they have extras 

Coaching is run and managed by the Club so no need to swot up on 4-3-3 attacking formations or the pros and cons of midfield pressing