Match Day Information

All First Kicks games are played Saturday mornings at Allen Hill Stadium


Grade 5 (born 2016) - 8am - 9am
Grade 6 (born 2015) - 8am - 9am
Grade 7 (born 2014) - 9am - 10am
Grade 8 (born 2013) - 9am - 10am


25 Lake Road, North Shore City, Auckland.

Match and General Information

Matches involve a short warm up followed by two small-sided games.

Grade 5 plays in teams created on the day. Grades 6 - 8 play in the same teams each week (although if teams are short of players we'll mix teams to create even-sided games).

Following the second game there is a short prize giving at the club house, where a sausage sizze is running.

There is also a coffee cart on-site to get your weekend off to a good start.

Match Day Etiquette

The objective of First Kicks is for kids to have fun playing football. Therefore, please follow these simple rules 

- Cheer for both teams
- Promote creativity over results
- Let the players be the decision makers

- Keep the score
- Tell kids what to do e.g pass!, shoot! etc (referees will manage the game)
- Worry or stress, kids pick up on this.

Please refer to this link for more information