Team Allocation

At North Shore United we are passionate about providing the best possible development environment to all of our players. 

In doing so, we are continually developing a pool of local, young and enthusiastic coaches. These coaches will predominately take the team training sessions. We do our upmost to ensure these coaches are able to make the games for the teams that they coach during week. However, this isn't always possible because a number of these coaches also play football on Saturday mornings too. Therefore, in cases were we aren't able to provide a coach to take the team on a game day, we look for a parent/s to fill in as a game day coach. As a club we provide a game day workshop at the start of the season and encourage the game day coach to attend or part of the team training sessions when possible. This will then provide greater communication between training coach/s and game day coach/s to ensure things practiced on the training field can then be brought to life on game day. 

At Junior level players will be streamed into teams. However, we do our best to try to keep players within friendships groups as requested on their registration form, as we do want to ensure we maximise the enjoyment element of playing with their friends. However, as we have 7 primary schools on the pennisula, it is also a great opportunity to make new friends with the players they have been placed with. 

We have made changes for 2022 season, with the removal of "Development" & "Participation" labels that we place on teams. This has been done to ensure all teams are as equal importance and players wishing to further develop their skills and love for the game have the opportunity to attend an additional skills based session and are encouraged to do so to maxmise their development. 

 Coaches will be adopting a more athlete - centered coaching approach going forwards, therefore, ensuring they coach the person first and the sport second. With the focus centered around the 5 C's

- Developing greater Competence - players better techincally/physically/tactically

- Developing greater Confidence - improved mental toughness, greater resilience, players comfortable at making mistakes 

- Developing greater Connection  - developing inter-personal skills through meaningful conversations 

- Developing Character -  team core values. team culture & integrity

- Developing Creavity - enabling players to express themselves

 Through the player identification sessions, players will identified and placed into teams which maxmise their overall development across the 5 C's. If during the season, players are found to be incorrectly grouped, the Club will seek to address this where ever possible.

New Zealand Football Alignment

This season will see the introduction of the Skill Centres with Takapuna AFC. This is an initiative set up by New Zealand Football, where qualified coaches will work from NZF SKC curriculum. All players wishing to further develop their skills and love for the game are encouraged to attend a second training session for a small additional fee. The sessions will be led by a team of Junior Level 3 qualified coaches.  Please click HERE to find out more information on the Skills Centre which is starting in Term 2 in 2022.