Friday Night Fun Football

Friday Night Fun Football at Allen Hill Stadium under the Little Wembley Lights!! 

There is a great atmosphere down at Allen Hill on a Friday Night at present, with the First Kicks going on until 5.30pm. We are looking to expand these great vibes by providing fun football opportunities on Friday night for our Junior players. The clubrooms will be open, music playing, kitchen serving hot food and the bar serving drinks. 

Having gauged interest we will run one session for 9th & 10th Grade Boys & Girls and then 11th & 12th Grade Boys & Girls. The session will involve fun social small sided games of 3 v 3 / 4 v 4 games run by Nick Daniels and other NSU Coaches.

Start Date: Friday 26th July

End Date: Friday 13th September


  • 4.00pm - 5.00pm - 9th & 10th Grade Boys & Girls
  • 5.00pm - 6.00pm - 11th & 12th Grade Boys & Girls

Venue: Allen Hill Stadium

Cost: $50 ($6.25 per session)

Registration: Please register via the link below. Please select Friday Night Fun Football in the drop down menu from the "Additional Coaching" registration form. Please click on the menu icon to get to this form.