Junior Additional Coaching - Skills Centre

Term 1 2022

Please see the dates below for the term 1 coaching programme. This programme will be offered to all 2021 registered players free of charge. As these are make up sessions from the 5 weeks sessions which were cancelled in the 2021 season due to covid. The sessions will be for both boys & girls and will be lead by qualified coaches. The sessions are a great pre-season introduction into the 2022. Please note the final 3 weeks of the term 1 training block also forms as the player indentification sessions. Please click HERE to find out more about these sessions. North Shore United & Takapuna AFC are excited to introduce the Junior Skills Centre. The Skills Centre provides all players in the community wishing to further develop their skills and love for the game an additional training opportunity with experienced & qualified coaches.  This coaching programme will be available from Term 2 onwards, please see the dates below.

Term 1 Coaching Dates

Start Date: Week beginning 31st January 

End Date: Week beginning 28th February 

Venue: Stanley Bay Park

Register: Please click on the link at the bottom of this page in order to register for the additional coaching

All sessions are for Boys & Girls

5 weeks total

9th & 10th Grade - Tuesday - 5.00 - 6.00pm - First Session Tuesday 1st February/ Last Session Tuesday 1st March

11th & 12th Grade - Wednesday - 5.00 - 6.00pm - First Session Wednesday 2nd February / Last Session Wedneday 2nd March

Term 2, 3 & 4 2022 - Skills Centre Sessions

Term 2 Dates

Start Date: Week beginning 2nd May 

End Date: Week beginning 27th June (9 sessions total)
Takapuna Grammar School
Session 1: 
Tuesday 11th - 12th Grade - 4.00 - 5.00pm - First Session Tuesday 3rd May/Last Session Tuesday 28th June

Session 2: Thursday 9th - 10th Grade - 4.00 - 5.00pm - First Session Thursday 5th May/Last Session Thursday 30th June

Fee: TBC

How to register: TBC

2022 Age Groups

All sessions are in 2022 age groups which are:

Born 2017 - 5th Grade

Born 2016 - 6th Grade

Born 2015 - 7th Grade

Born 2014 - 8th Grade

Born 2013 - 9th Grade

Born 2012 - 10th Grade

Born 2011 - 11th Grade

Born 2010 - 12th Grade

Born 2009 - 13th Grade

Born 2008 - 14th Grade

Born 2007 - 15th Grade

Born 2006 - 16th Grade for Girls, 17th Grade for mixed

Born 2005 - 17th Grade

Born 2004/ 2003 - 19th Grade 

Born 2002 or earlier - Senior Teams

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